Hello fellow GNOME users,

I would like to place a few opinions of mine before you:

1.      I would like a keybord shortcut option to be present in any shortcut created on the desktop, so that a shortcut key combination could be assigned to it.

2.      Change the name 'Computer' to 'Drive' OR 'Store' since the Computer folder only has storage drives in it. Could do with changing the monitor icon to a hadrdisk icon. Could also do with having a shortcut key like Alt-D or better still, one of the function keys for the folder. Anyway the idea to create a such a shortcut to the storage drives was superb.

3.      Change the name 'Wastebasket' to 'Trash'

4.      Change the refreshing shortcut key from Ctrl-R to F5

I think this gives a more standard and meaningful look to GNOME. What do you say?

I apologize in advance if this issue/topic has already been discussed before here.

Zaheer Mohamed Kozhakkaniyil
zaheermk email com


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