nautilus/trash/nfs trouble


I have a trouble I try to resolve for 2 days :
In my corp , stations are in Fedora Core 3 but they all access their
gnome-2.8 environment via NFS ( prefix is /opt/gnome , automounted)
All users have their home directory also automounted. They can only
acess the /local directory on their stations.
It's working like a charme except this :

Gnome-vfs  always creates correctly a trash folder in all mounted
filesystems :
/local/.Trash-me (local)
/home/me/.Trash-me (NFS)
/opt/another-NFS-mounted-Directory/.Trash-me (NFS)

So I guess gnome-vfs is well working (every deleted file are put in the
right .Trash directory)

But the trash icon on the desktop  only shows the /local/.Trash-me
folder. Ie the nautilus trash "api" doesn't merge the NFS .Trash folders.
I even recompile nautilus to make nautilus_directory_is_local always
returning true but without success.

The most annoying is that if I log on a station choosing the local gnome
installed by Fedora instead of those installed in /opt, it's working (
NFS trash folders are seen !!).
The local Fedora and my network gnome runs the same processes
(gnome-volume-manager, gam, etc...)

gnome-vfs version is 2.8.3 and nautilus is 2.8.2
strace -f shows me nautilus (or children) access /home/me/.trash and

Any help (even only ideas to debug) would be greatly appreciated because
neither strace, neither comparing /et/gconf and /opt/gnome/etc/gconf ,
neither the fedora patches gave me clues.

Maybe it's a hint but the "automount" option of gnome-storage-manager
doesn't seem to work.

Thank You


Cordialement / Cheers.


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