Re: Temporarily open folders on drag-and-drop

On 12/31/05, Paul Hendrick <paul hendrick gmail com> wrote:
> Kristoffer Lundén wrote:
> >Hiya,
> >
> >didn't find anything about this via Google, so I thought I'd
> >ask/suggest this to the list.
> >
> >
> sounds like spring-loaded folders, ala Mac OS.

Perhaps. I'm not sure exactly what that is, or what about it that is
patented. I was thinking mostly of something very simple, say like the
menus you get in any applications menu bar or Gnomes system menus for
that matter. Opening complete folder windows or old Mac-style
navigation seems like overkill to me.

> it's patented too, so
> there's no chance of getting this, even though it's a top feature.

Figures. Bastards.

> I did propose something a long time ago, where you'd drag an item to a
> folder icon, after a short delay, a panel applet would spring open with
> the contents of the folder you're hovering over. you can then drag your
> initial file to one of these sub-folders.
> you can see this here:

Looks very nice, although I'd be satisfied with something much simpler too. =)

> cheers,
> happy new year all.
> Paul

Yeah, same thing from me. =)

-- Kristoffer

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