Nautilus hang up setting color for the new search widgetry

I was trying to use an orange color for the newly added "searchbar" in
nautilus. I choose orange because jimmak made an orange folder for saved
search folder ( see ).

So I wrote in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 this

        style "extra-view-widgets"
          bg[NORMAL] = "#d08944"
        widget "*.nautilus-extra-view-widget" style:highest
as suggested by Alex previously.

Then, loggin in GNOME, Nautilus seems to start (the process exist in ps)
but neither windows nor desktop icons appear. Moreover I'm unable to
loggin out.

And if you think it's strange, ear: I changed the color s/d08944/ffffff
and... it works! The session goes fine and and the new widget background
is white. Same s/d08944/ff0000 (of course the widget background is red).

Anyone can confirm this bug?

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