Re: nautilus crash (location bar)

On 16 Dec, 2005, at 11:23 AM, Tomasz Janowitz wrote:
Nautilus crashes (Ubuntu breeze) when i put '#' or '..' in the location bar. I know that they are not valid locations, but i suppose it shouldn't crash (should be dumb proof, right?). Is this a bug or what ?

Any crash that's not a hardware problem is a bug.

If it is, is it worth reporting on bugzilla ?

Yes, report the ".." bug at <>, unless you're running a newer version of Nautilus than the Ubuntu 5.10 package. If the bug also occurs in the latest development versions, Ubuntu's famous Sebastien Bacher will transfer it to for you.

Exactly this has already happened with the "#" bug <>, so you don't need to report that one. :-)

Matthew Paul Thomas

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