Re: "Network Servers" icon for the desktop

Hi list, 

Firstly I want to comment to this post. I have a laptop and when adding
server places the icons filled up the desktop, so I wanted to hide them.
Some search and I found the gconf-tool and how to hide these icons. 
So I totally agree with Alexander Larsson who said this: 

        Soo, looking on this now I'm not sure its such a good idea to
        have this
        on by default. What sort of testing and feedback lead you to the
        conclusion that it had to be on the desktop? I don't think network
        access is such a common thing that it should constantly be on the
        desktop for everyone. In fact, i think many many users never use it, and
        that we should be very careful about filling up users desktops with
        Maybe we should remove it from the desktop and add it to the "Places"
        menu in the nautilus window instead.

I am more than happy with the mounts in the Places-menu, and since they
also come up in programs that I use, I am satisfied. But unsetting
volumes_visible also means that when you insert a CD/DVD in the player,
they do not come up. So a choise which says hide network volumes might
be a better choice. 

Secondly I just want to say hi to the list as I have just subscribed. I
am a satisfied Fedora Core 4 norwegian user with a Compaq Evo N160
laptop computer. 


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