Re: nautilus keeps listing files in smb shares

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 13:52 +0200, Nick Demou (enLogic) wrote:

To clarify the scale of this situation I am talking about at least 20KB/sec and upto 50KB/sec *steady* network activity with absolutely no program running at the client. (For a small network with 20 clients this would mean 1MB/sec for the server i.e. more than 10% of the available bandwidth just because the clients are switched-on)

I have never seen anyone complain about it before at least. I think
fam/gamin might poll for updates when a remote directory is viewed, but
that shouldn't be anywhere near this amount of traffic.

I guess it's time to upgrade my desktop and check what happens...

BTW, I was told that lsof -i as root should display the names of the programs that have open tcp connections so I thought I'll give it a try to make sure it's nautilus that does the trick. So, at the same time that I was having a steady 20KBps trafic and ethereal AND iptraf was showing trafic with my samba server lsof -i returned no line concerning any connection with it... is this makeing sence? I checked the -i option with man lsof and it seems it should have worked

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