Re: Special Folders, the desktop and root nodes

Simon Naunton wrote:
> Hi All,
> On my PC at home, I have a "public" (as in anyone who has access to my
> PC and is a member of the public group) folder which contains shared
> music, movies, documents etc. My girlfriend always asks "where is the
> music again?" so I thought I would add this folder as a root node to
> the file manager's tree view. A little hacking and one line of code
> later it was added, albeit hardcoded. So, I now have "Public Folders",
> as well as "Home Folder", "File System" etc etc as root nodes.

 If I'm not wrong you could do that from a gui with the following
trick[1] that is on the PoweUserTools page[2], so you don't need to edit

> I was thinking that being able to add "Special Folders" - user defined
> links to folders which will appear on the desktop and as root nodes in
> the file manager tree - to Nautilus would be a nice feature, if done
> properly i.e. configured with gconf - obviously not hardcoded.

I like the feature but don't know if suitable to have it in a default
nautilus, I'm thinking that the feature, if implemented as in the
trick[1], could be done as a nautilus-extension or better as a bundled
(but not active) action of nautilus-actions, in case nautilus-actions
gets included in nautilus which seems it will happen.


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