"Network Servers" icon for the desktop


This is about http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=322957

We ran some usability tests at Novell, and users would like to have an
icon directly in the desktop that lets them browse for network shares.
The patch that I attached to the bug implements this as an icon called
"Network Servers" --- just like the Network Servers item which we have
in the GNOME Panel.

However, that patch could use some improvement.  It doesn't add a
"Network Servers" item to either the Places sidebar, or to the Go menu.

Do we need a magic, ever-present "network:///" volume, courtesy of
GnomeVFSVolumeMonitor?  This would let GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS pick it up
automatically; I do want to have that Network Servers item in the file
chooser as well.  I assume that the Places sidebar in Nautilus is
implemented in a similar way.



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