Re: tooltips

Sven J. wrote:
Hi justin and list,

i'm wondering why nautilus doesnt have tooltips for files/folders at
all, it could help in symbol mode.

wouldn't it be nifty if it shows file-size, rights, owner, group if you
hover it for perhaps 2 seconds.

i guess there is a bug somewhere ;-)
Christian Neumair has already some ideas of implementing it overthere.

Am Sonntag, den 07.08.2005, 17:06 -0400 schrieb Justin:

I would like to add tooltips to desktop icons, how would I go about doing this? and also I would like to add an icon for the removeable media icons to my desktop with the same functionality ie changing when mounted, as the one's contained within the Computer icon already on the desktop. Could someone please explain how I would go about doing this.

In general for tooltips you have to use: GtkTooltips See here


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