Action/Method menu?

Hi developers,
I am integrating a new application with gnome and I have a question
about how to create an menuitem for the context menu that would call my
application using the selected file(s) as argument.

Genereally speacking I am missing an 'Action' menu that could show what
programs are able to receive/process this file. This is not related to
the file kind/mimetype. I am talking about actions that would apply to
every kind of file, like compressing or signing the file.

As an example, nautilus-sento, operates on every kind of file.

Adding many actions could probably increase too much the menu size, so I
think a submenu called 'Action' or 'Method' or whatever would be one

While looking for an existing solution I saw that a very similar menu
already exists. It is called 'Script'. This would be what I am talking
about but it is only showing scripts from a user directory, so you
cannot add a common action available to all users.

What is the best solution?


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