Default path of open location on desktop


When a user type CTRL+L on his desktop to open a folder, there is two
main case:

* he wants to go to a arbitrary folder of the system and will type its
absolute path (starting with the /)
* he wants to go to a subfolder of his home

Actually the default path into the open location is $HOME/Desktop. This
path is selected so the user can directly type a absolute path.
But if he wants to go to a subfolder of its home, he have to hit "End",
erase the "Desktop" and then type the path to the folder from his home.

I think it will be better to have just $HOME like default path.
That will change nothing for the first case and increase the second:
need just to hit "End" and can start to type the rest of the path.
Furthermore, i don't know that many people want to open nautilus into
their Desktop folder (it will be stupid, it's already open...on the
desktop) but they more often want to open their home; so it will be a
better default path.


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