Nautilus count of files

I don't know to whom I'm suppose to give this kind of feedback. But I
find one detaile in Nautilus a bit, not optimal let say.

When you highlight a drawer and choose propoties you will be presented a
window with alot of handy details. Among all those you see a counter
that you can see is counting the containt of this drawer, giving you the
info how many files and drawers there are in a total figure.

I would appriciate if this counter could differ between drawers and files
(witch would include symbol links) so you can use this counter to
compair with other counters.

At the moment I'm doing a backup of my system and have drawers with
thousends of files and a few drawers in. When the archive is created I
can see how many files this archive includes through eg File Roller. But
the counter in File Roller don't count drawers, so I have to count my
drawers in my tree and compair again.(you could say that is a weakness
of File Roller, but no matter what, Nautilus could be more precise to
improve it's useability when you have other weak programs you work

Reasons I have to not trust the archiving to include all is because an
character coding error or broken symbol link is enough to be excluded
when packing.

If this improvment could take place, I would save alot of time doing
these backups.

Thank you for your time!

With regards,


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