Re: [PATCH] Add more location button drag targets (was: Incomplete d'n'd support for location bar icon)

Il giorno sab, 09/04/2005 alle 13.21 +0200, Christian Neumair ha
> Am Mittwoch, den 06.04.2005, 15:12 +0200 schrieb Luca Ferretti:
> > Now (HEAD branch) you can use the location bar icon to do d'n'd
> > operations on open folders. This is great.
> > 
> > But it seems that the only target for d'n'd operations starting form
> > location bar icons are Desktop and Nautilus folder icons and windows.
> > [...]
> > Christian, could you finish it?
> Thanks for pointing this out. Trivial patch attached.

Applied. It seems to work fine, thanks. I hope it will be committed.

BTW why don't use the folder (window) icon in the button instead of the

> > BTW could someone "explore" Nautilus d'n'd behavior? Is it complete as
> > well as Mac Finder?
> What do you expect from it? I've already played around with the finder,
> but can't point at any Nautilus D'n'D weakness.

Well, honestly dunno ;-) 

Finder (and MacOS in general) was just a reference to the older file
manager using d'n'd for everything.

A missing target for d'n'd operation is the GTK+ file chooser: you can
drag over the shortcuts list, but not in the browsable area. Of course
drag a visible folder on the file chooser is not so useful, but maybe
someone could need it. I don't have a strong opinion about it.

Currently the only issue I can find in Nautilus d'n'd is:
      * open the attached file with glade 
      * drag a file or a folder over the text entry
      * release the file or folder over the entry
      * do the same for the combo box entry and for the text view
      * in both the entries appears something like
        "file:///full/path/to/filename" plus a non printable character
      * the non printable character don't appear in the text view

The non printable character should not be "copied", but it's a Nautilus
issue or a GTK+ issue?

Moreover the result of this d'n'd operation should be the full path to
the file plus the file:// prefix or simply the basename(filename) ?

Please note that when you d'n'd a folder in the Terminal windows the
file:// prefix is not "copied".

Description: application/glade

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