Re: Rethinking emblems

> It seems to me that currently, emblems are simply eye-candy:
> they decorate file/folders. The most you can do is arrange your icons by
> emblem.
> Emblems would be a whole lot more useful if they could be searched on,
> using the Search For Files utility. E.g. if you could stick the 'Urgent'
> emblem on a bunch of files and then pull up these files in a search window
> (whatever form this takes) at a later date.
> BC

This metadata searchability looks very interesting for performing an
action (copy,move,open with a program,etc) to a set of files that are in
different folders, for example, I could browse all my digital cam photos
that are in different folders and mark those photos that I appeared on
with a custom emblem, then make a search for that emblem and now I can
copy all that photos to a new folder called "Photos I appeared" or I could
zip them all and send them to my girlfriend by email.

Maybe this is already possible, I mean, if nautilus lets create custom
emblems, and that emblem metadata can be read by other applications, then,
for example, Beagle could be extended to also index files by metadata.

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