Re: eel_call_parent_with_return_value replacement?

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 12:33 -0700, Jimmy Do wrote:
> Hi,
> As part of some bug fixing, I need to be able to call a parent method
> from a child class, but I noticed that
> EEL_CALL_PARENT_WITH_RETURN_VALUE is deprecated. What should be used
> instead? Or am I supposed to do it the normal way using
> g_type_class_peek_parent()?

The whole EEL_BOILERPLATE thing is deprecated, because new code should
use the boilerplate code in glib (G_DEFINE_TYPE). However, if you're
just changing something that uses EEL_BOILERPLATE, its fine to use

Using G_DEFINE_TYPE you just reference type_name_parent_class.

> Also, I'm wondering what's the difference between EEL_CALL_METHOD and

EEL_INVOKE_METHOD_IF and EEL_CALL_METHOD look equivalent, although
EEL_CALL_METHOD has some G_STMT_START/END protection.

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