Re: File associations problem

On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 23:44 +0100, deeno ukf net wrote:
> Can someone help with this, I must be missing something pretty obivous,
> but I've upgraded to Gnome 2.8 on fedora 2, and have now lost all my
> file associations in Nautilus. Clicking on any file type results in
> 'Can't display location -> There was an error launching the
> application.'
> Also, the 'Open With' tab in the properties dialog just shows 'No
> applications selected'. When I try to add a new association, nothing
> gets added into the list, no matter how many times I try.
> Any suggestions please....this is driving me crazy as my system is
> pretty useless without this working.

File association changed, because the whole mime system was changed.
There has been some problems with it, but i think they are all now
fixed. Make sure you have the very latest versions of shared-mime-info,
gnome-vfs, eel and nautilus.

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