Re: Re: What I think spatial nautilus needs

On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 10:12:54PM +0200, Sigge Kotliar wrote:
> That's just not efficient. Personally, I find it hard to click the close
> button in the corner, it's ok if it's one or two windows, but not if
> there are like 10.
> Closing parent windows may be an advanced option, but closing ALL
> windows is not. 
> Also, IIRC, spatial nautilus was designed to be efficient for both power
> and regular users.

I use Ctrl-W all the time because the x is indeed not that simple/fast 
to hit. Maybe that would improve by making the window buttons wider? 
(I use sloppy focus, so I noticed that I often overshoot sideways when 
aiming at the X)
> >>Mouse gestures are not discoverable and not exactly simple to do
> >>right.
> And keyboard shortcuts are? And maybe gestures isn't the way to go...
> maybe it should be something like pressing down all three buttons to
> close the window. something like that.

Because of indication in the menu keyboard shortcuts are at least 
halfway discoverable. In the end you just need to know that they exist 
and can be looked up in the menu. Doesn't apply to mouse gestures.

The real problem with mouse gestures: how to trigger them, with out risk 
of confusion between clicking and dragging and selection ...

> >For reusing bookmarks from file selector they should be rather found 
> >in a folder that might be on the destop or find a place in the panel.
> Why not both? 

Sure, wasn't meant to be an exclusive or!

> >> 3) Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks
> >Bookmarks have no place in the spatial Nautilus menu, because there's 
> >no relation to the represented folder. (Having Places there is a
> >mistake, 
> >IMHO).
> >Having shortcuts and the ability to put arbitrary folders into the
> >panel 
> >would make for nice bookmark functionality.
> Nothing in the menu bar has any relation to the folder. Still there is a
> need to put stuff there.  I understand your opinion, and respectfully
> disagree.

Oh well, just wrote something about this in another mail.

Thorsten Wilms

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