Re: ftp and Nautilus


Dialog 1 could use radio buttons instead of check boxes:

( ) Try to log in without a password
( ) Log in with a user account
   Username:    [         ]
   Password:    [         ]

to correctly denote to the user that each operation is mutually

El jue, 20-05-2004 a las 09:24, Laszlo Kovacs escribió:
> Hi All,
> Calum was kind enough to put together a proposal for going ahead.
> It is all here:
> This needs changes in gnome-vfs (I have some of this code already) and 
> in gnome-keyring.
> There are a couple of things to think about:
> 1. With dialog2 we are proposing that the user will see the 
> authentication dialog coming back until they log in successfully or 
> press cancel. This is different from what we have now. Right now if the 
> authentication fails there is a warning dialog and that's it. The 
> proposal provides a better user experience. I am not sure yet where this 
> change needs to be made. It would be ideal if all vfs modules that 
> require authentication would nehave like this, but I think every module 
> would need to be changed separately for that.
> 2. We are also proposing to change the authentication dialog for the ftp 
> protocol only, for other protocols it will stay as it is.
> 3. If the uri contained a username the username field in the 
> authentication dialog (implemented in gnome-keyring) is not editable. I 
> think the reasoning behind this is that if the user wants a different 
> username or no username at all then they need to create a new launcher. 
> This is quite inflexible in general and creates a complication for this 
> situation as well. If we follow this thinking then if the user used 
> anonymous for the username in the uri then the tickbox should be ticked 
> in the dialog and the user should not be able to untick it. If we don't 
> do this then we don't have a consistent behaviour, however having a tick 
> box that can not be unticked is not good at all. Any suggestions 
> (particularly from the gnome-keyring maintainer) are welcome. I 
> personally think it might be good to make that username field always 
> editable again.
> Any thoughts about this?
> Thanks,
> Laszlo
	Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)
	GPG key ID: 0xC1033CAD at

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