virtual desktop

Here is a user who likes the new Nautilus!

To have one and only one window for each directory is just fine, but 
shouldn't that be one per virtual desktop (or workarea, or what it is 
called in english)?

If I open a window on one virtual desktop I don't expect it to close a
window in another. To pop up an old window for the same dir in the same
desktop is logical. When I swap back to the old desktop I want the same
windows to still be there as when I left.

I see each desktop as a mini-computer. Each have files stored directly
onto the desktop, and these are copied to each virtual computer. But that
is fine, it is the same computer after all. To follow nautilus a document
on one desktop should not been seen on another desktop. If I click on the
home dir icon in two virtual desktops I expect a window in each of these
two. That seems to perfectly fit the semantics model of the new spatial

I hope this does not start yet another flame war.

/Dennis Björklund

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