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Thanks for the tip. I took a look at my fstab and extended user attributes were enabled for those file systems along with acl's the syntax was as follows...

/dev/system/home     /home                reiserfs   acl,user_xattr  1 2

I changed it to...

/dev/system/home     /home                reiserfs   defaults   1 2

Does nautilus just grep for user and thus it is mistakenly grabbing this field? could this be a bug?

Thanks again.


Jürg Billeter wrote:

On Son, 2004-05-16 at 22:11, Ed Griffin wrote:
Sorry if this has been discussed before a thousand times but I am new to this list. How does nautilus determine which file system icons are displayed on the desktop? Currently for whatever reason /home /usr /opt and /var are all being displayed on my desktop. I would like to tweak this so that they are NOT being displayed. I haven't seen this behavior before, but I just recently installed SuSE 9.1 with Gnome 2.4.1 and Nautilus 2.4.2.

IIRC nautilus shows the volumes which are user-mountable i.e. the fstab
entries with the option "user" or "users" specified. Normally partitions
as /home, /usr, /opt or /var are not user-mountable, so they won't show
up on the desktop. You should probably check your fstab.


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