Re: cwd on nautilus

This issue and a lot others prove that the GNOME Project must be more
pragmatic/realist and run away from excessive sophistication/elegance

A great example of what I am talking about is the removal of the text
entry widget from the new Open file chooser. This is elegant in concept
but it sucks in practice. And the users know it sucks. Not only us
geeks. This is excessive Usability sophistication that cause more harm
than benefit.

We should be more careful regarding these Sophistication vs. Practical
Results issues.

This is my arrogant opinion.

Em Qui, 2004-05-13 às 03:20, Eugenia Loli-Queru escreveu:
> Two months ago we got into this discussion about having nautilus launching
> scripts and apps using the "current dirname" instead of the ~
> and Alex replied here:
> with a reply that --to me, as a user-- shows that the whole architecture of
> this thing is wrong. It might have some technical merit in the way it stands
> today, but for the *user*, the end result is sub-standard.
> Back then I was hitting this limit with shell scripts, however now that I
> have Java, WINE and Mono installed, I hit the problem *all the time*. For
> example, I have this nice GTK# game that is installed locally on my
> /home/eugenia/games/csboard/ folder and its .exe file won't load with mono
> through Nautilus just because the executable doesn't live on my
> /home/eugenia/ root folder. My Java apps have the same problem as well. I
> think this is a major bug in the functionality of the Gnome desktop.
> So, is this planned to be fixed, or not? Functionality is just not correct
> right now. The user should NOT have to open a terminal just to load a game
> or an app. This is not what I expect from Gnome's usability.
> Besides, not even the Nautilus scripts are working now for me so my "open
> terminal here" script (to open a terminal in my game's folder easy and fast)
> won't work on gnome 2.6 either
> (, so I
> feel screwed both ways and that's too much to bear.
> Eugenia
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