Re: idea to end browser and spatial problems

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 15:05, David Wagoner wrote:
> Well here is my idea on how to make everyone happy
> with the whole spatial vs browser situation. Instead
> of using a gconf entry make a preferences option for
> nautilus which will allow users to select which mode
> they want. This will make it easy for new users to
> disable it if they dont like it since preferences is
> the first spot people check to change things.

I think it be even better to make it possible to change the default
depending on the folder. For example, I have a few folders on my desktop
that I like to open in spatial mode (Music, Pictures etc...). But when I
mount my FAT32 Windows partition (in Computer), I like to access it in
browser mode (right-click -> browse). So I'd like Nautilus to remember
the fact that I access it in browser mode most of the time. Or, maybe,
simply make "browse" the default for any element opened from within

Just my 2 cents...

Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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