Re: [RFC/PATCH] inotify -- a dnotify replacement

Le mar 11/05/2004 à 13:52, nf a écrit :
> I don't understand, why the author of inotify wants to force people to
> use user-space daemons like fam (which requires xinetd, ...)? Does using
> a daemon for multiplexing really add efficiency? Is it really worth
> adding all the complexity of things like "fam" to the system, just
> because more than one application monitor the same directory once in a
> while? I doubt it.

I put linux desktop in schools and colleges, with gnome. I think
multiplexing watched folders is a good idea for that purpose, because il
might reduce server load and polling.

Obviously for ONE single user on his desktop machine, fam, dnotify and
the like seem too «big» or complicated, whatever you like ; but for the
use i make of linux desktop (40 simultaneous gnome users on a Dual Xeon
with big RAM), i find the multiplexing idea very interessant. 

> I would even claim, that simple polling ("stat"-ing) the filesystem for
> changes is more efficient in 95% of the cases, than all this dnotify,
> fam, etc... stuff.

In my case i doubt it.

> Just to be fair - i don't think that dnotify or fam are bad tools, but
> the combination of them seems poisonous for the desktop.

for a single user i can admit it. But on desktop *servers* it is another



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