Re: some questions , thanks :)


I'm by no means a nautilus guru, but I'll try to answer your questions
anyways :)

> 1.what is slow mime type, what is it used for?

No idea, but from what it sounds like it is the detection of the file *type*
by looking at the file *contents*.

> 2.what is dummy row in tree view files, what is the
> dummy child of a node?

This is so that the directory tree has expander arrows for the
subdirectories even though they are not loaded yet.

For example if you load your homedir, I bet there are subdirectories.
However, by default only your homedir is loaded and the dummy row is placed as a
child of every subdirectory node.
When you click the expander, it will read the directory, add the appropriate
nodes, and then remove the dummy node.

The basic cause is that: When there are no children of a node, no expander
arrow is shown. For partially loaded trees, this is undesireable since the
expander arrow must be visible even though the subnodes are not there yet...

> please explain these in detail.
> Thanks very much!!!

Someone far more knowledgeable than me should do that, but I gave you a
rough outline for now ;)

Hope that helps...


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