how to invoke custom thumbnailers?


While browsing through old mailing list articles I came across a post
describing custom tumbnailers for certain file types. 
latest version by Peter Harvey available here

I put the scripts in /usr/local/bin and installed the schema file.
Now I get nice thumbs for PDFs, PS and even Dia files - thats great :)

I figured out that the fourth script, gnome-thumbnail-magick, could be
used to create thumbs for certain other file types i.e. xcf (Gimp). 
I can manually call 
	gnome-thumbnail-magick punat.xcf punat.png
and I do get a small png- ersion of the xcf file. So it works.

Now how to get this automated like the other thumbnailers?

I looked at the schema file again and added two new sections for file
type image/x-xcf (the mime type I found in control center)

    <key>/schemas/desktop/gnome/thumbnailers/image x-xcf/enable</key>
    <applyto>/desktop/gnome/thumbnailers/image x-xcf/enable</applyto>
    <locale name="C">

    <key>/schemas/desktop/gnome/thumbnailers/image x-xcf/command</key>
    <applyto>/desktop/gnome/thumbnailers/image x-xcf/command</applyto>
    <default>gnome-thumbnail-magick %i %o %s</default>
    <locale name="C">

I checked with
	gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/thumbnailers
	gconftool-2 -R /schemas/desktop/gnome/thumbnailers
and the new entry is there but it does not work. The thumbnail script
does not get invoked when I deal with xcf files (create, move to another
folder etc.)

Has anybody an idea what might be wrong here? 

Could the mime type be wrong? "file" gives a strange result
file -i punat.xcf
punat.xcf: application/octet-stream


Jens Ansorg <liste ja-web de>

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