Nautilus crashes evreytime I try to change directory


I've just installed Gnome 2.2 and nautilus 2.2.4.
I can't make Nautilus work correctly. It crashes every time I try to navigate, ie :
- when I click on a directory icon to open it,
- when I write a new path in the emplacement text area and hit return,
- when I press the Up button to go to the parent directory,
- when I press on the refresh button,
- when I right-click on a text file icon to use the internal viewer,
- etc...

put in english : Nautilus does't work at all !

I use Kernel 2.2.24, XFree 4.2 on a Debian Woody Machine
All my X related stuff (including Gnome and Nautilus) come from the same backports source (, and I've seen nobody complaining about this kind of problems with these backports. So there must be a problem with my configuration files.

I'm sorry I can't give you much more precise information,
I don't know where to look at.
Is there any log file that could help ?

I need suggestions about what can be the source of the problem.

I've tried to use gdb, but it doesn't give me any info I can use.

I hope someone can help me.

Marcos B

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