Re: Opening a parent window in spacial mode

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 13:25, gabor wrote:

> > > You can use alt+up arrow to open up a parent folder. You can see this
> > > shortcut in the menu item 'Open parent folder' in the file menu.

> > That means taking my hand off the mouse! :-) (left alt only appears to
> > work)

> > Seriously, it seems strange (to me) that I can't do what I want using a
> > key+mouse combination.

> why isn't my solution good enough?


Hmm, your suggestion arrived after I posted my comment with respect to
Daniel Brodie's suggestion; based on the times of the posts.. ? Also, I
didn't know about this way of doing it till you suggested it :-). 

Anyhow, thanks for the tip, it works ok. But, I still have the opinion
that some sort of 'shift+close' (it doesn't have to be 'shift', just an
example) combination to open the parent directory would be a good
addition. That would allow a 'one click' navigation to move back up the
directory structure (closing the subdirectory each time). For *me* that
would be quicker and more intuitive, comments welcome.



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