Re: Patch for bug #103802

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 10:59, Julien Olivier wrote:
> > I'm not sure this is the right approach. We don't want to rely on string
> > matching like that (it'll be translated in other languages, and a real
> > filename *might* correctly contain that text). 
> For the i18n problem, isn't it OK to use gettext (" (invalid Unicode)")
> ? It seemed to work on my French-speaking desktop...
> As for the other problem, you're right that if the filename really
> contains " (invalid Unicode)", it will be removed... and that's bad.
> Do you have any idea how to fix it in a better way ? I'd like to fix it
> the correct way but don't have any idea how to do 

Not at the moment. I'd have to look much deeper into it than i have time
to at the moment.

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