Re: Nautilus-CD-Burner whitelist

On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 03:58, Alan Pater wrote:
> The changelog from a recent version of n-c-b makes
> mention of a whitelist for cd burners.
> <snippet>
> 2003-09-04  Bastien Nocera  <hadess hadess net>
> ...
> * cd-drive.c: (add_whitelist),
> (add_linux_cd_recorder),
>         (add_linux_cd_drive), (linux_scan): updated
> from libbacon, adds a whitelist for misbehaving CD
> recorders
> ...
> </snippet>
> Where is this whitelist kept, and what should it look
> like?
> The issue I am having is a USB cd burner that remains
> un-recognized by n-c-b, but is used all the time with
> cdrecord.
> I understand that n-c-b reads the
> /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info file to get a list of
> available recorders. For me, that file is giving the
> wrong information, it lists the burner as incapable of
> writing. So I need to somehow override it to get
> Nautilus Burn to work. 

The whitelist is in the nautilus-cd-burner code. The prefered way to fix
the problem is to report your bug to the upstream kernel maintainers (or
it'll never get fixed for real). However, we can add it to the whitelist
to make it work for now.

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