Can't Read HTML

Problem: Nautilus 1.0.0 cannot read HTML, it displays HTML source text in most cases. Background: Updated Debian with 3.0r2, 7 CD set. I probably made some wrong selections because I am not getting all the functionality I had before. I am trying to get it back one step at a time. "uname -a " = Linux <hostname> 2.4.14 #2 <date> i686 unknown. Re-ran "dselect" to get, Install, and Config all dependent and all suggested files/pkgs. Then again ran "dpkg-reconfigure". Example: In Nautilus, Select> Help > Nautilus Manual I get source (text) for HTML. Left Panel is garbbled. If I Select > Quick Reference I get source (text) for HTML again. But the left panes has options, "Open with Lynx" (which works), and "Open with...." If I Select "Open with..." It has a pop up box for other selections one of which is Mozilla. In this case the Mozilla options works. If I try to open any doc-HTML file Nautilus will not open it or give me the option to select Mozilla. I would like to get: Nautilus to automatically open the HTML files as I originally had. I have no problems going to the documentation to get the answer but I haven't found the page yet. Help appreciated. John

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