Re: searching for the image collection code


I'm implementing a small change to nautilus, to have a "Invert selection" menu option. It's done for icon view and list view, but it broke the image collection view and I can't seem to find its code.

Would the nautilus community be interested in my small patch?

Thanks in advance,


I don't want to belittle any effort that you made on your selection code, but I would like to ask why an inverse selection command should be included in the menu of Nautilus. You really want to consider the amount of utility a command will have when adding it to the menu bar. Is it something that the user really needs and will use? I would guess that the concept of inverse selection is quite abstract to an average user. The Mac has used modifier keys for years that allow a user to make discontiguous selections and many
users never discover the need for such a feature.

My point here isn't to criticize to work that you have done, but to point out a greater need to closely examine the motivations for
exposing commands to the user.


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