Re: file-type-detection :)

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 17:19, gabor wrote:
> hi,
> today i clicken on OOo_1.1.0_LinuxIntel_sdk.tar.gz
> ( the sdk for openoffice-1.1.0) in nautilus-2.5.8,
> now what is the correct extension for a bzip2 file?

I dont think there is, currently a correct extension for this. Since the
file ends in bzip2, by its extension it is a bzip file, but with mime
sniffing the file is also a tar archive.

You know that by right clicking, and selecting open with you get the
options for both types of files.

> gabor
> p.s: i understant that these should (maybe) go into bugzilla, but they
> were so funny i wanted to share them :)

I believe these bug reports should go against shared-mime-info package

I could be wrong on both accounts though...

Daniel Brodie

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