Re: nautlius CVS crash at startup

Quoting Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com>:

Did you install the apps you built in /usr? Did you use CFLAGS=-Wall -g
-O2 or  CFLAGS="-Wall -g -O2"?

It looks like you did things right. I dunno why its not working.

Yes and finally, maybe i should told you everything coz i found the pb
afterwards. I'm creating debian package to not break my system (like that, I
can come back to a normal gnome2.4 if I crash some important libs) and I didn't
notice a first sight the dh_strip function which even if you put the deubg
symbols at compile time remove them aftewards.

So i sent a bug report using gdb and bug-buddy with a full backtrace and more
details about my configuration.

I tried to look at it but didn't understand where the error is. Anyway thx for
your support and I really want it to work (gnome without nautilus is a bit hard
to manage).


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