Re: features request

Dan Korostelev wrote:
On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 17:53 +0200, Mazzoni Perseo wrote:

- if i select 10 mp3 files (for example) and then right click and open with totem then 10 totem will open and each totem will play 1 mp3 file. I wish that with 10 mp3 nautilus will be able to open 1 totem and add to his tracklist the 10 mp3 files. This is and example, the suggestion is to make nautilus work with multiple files for one single istance of an application

That's totem issue I guess

mmm, I'm not sure....some "official" answer to the problem?

- In spatial nautilus when I first open a folder/window the size of the window must be calculated in function of the number of icons that are present in the folder, trying to mantain the window as rectangular as possible but avoiding the scrool bar on the left and on the bottom.

Agreed. That'd be cool!

Yeah, in my opinio that'd be cool...but will someone code this into
nautilus in the future? Or is a simple opinion discarded? Alexander,
what do you think?

- metacity issue: I open xmms and a folder. I then click without release an mp3 file. After that nautilus (that was previously in the background and xmms was over that) will overlap xmms, making drag'n'drop very annoying. I think that if i select a file to drag'n'drop all windows MUST stay where they are, without changing focus.

Oh, yeah that's very annoying. I think metacity should make window
foreground only after the mouse _release_.

KDE also does this annoying thing... How can I tell to metacity
programmers this issue?

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