Re: Patch and feature request for toggling display of hidden files

On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 09:48, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> Thats still not exactly what I had in mind. I was thinking more along
> these lines:
> Add should_show_hidden_files to NautilusWindowDetails, default it to the
> gconf setting on creation.
> Add function to nautilus-window.h:
> gboolean nutilus_window_should_show_hidden_files (NautilusWindow *window);
> which returns should_show_hidden_files. And
> void nautilus_window_set_should_show_hidden_files (NautilusWindow *window, gboolean should_show_hidden_files);
> Change nautilus-window-manage-views.c
> determined_initial_view_callback() so that it always gets the metadata
> (and calls position_and_show_window_callback etc) before calling
> load_content_view on the window. And when we get the metadata, for
> spatial windows, if the show_hidden is saved in the metadata, set
> should_show_hidden_files to it.
> In fm-directory-view.c, just call
> nautilus_window_should_show_hidden_files() to see if files should be
> hidden. 

But to do that I would need access to the NautilusWindow pointer. How
can I get access to that from within fm-directory-view.c? 


> And when the user switches the setting in the window, call
> nautilus_window_set_should_show_hidden_files with the new value and
> reload. If the window is a spatial one (check with
>   if (nautilus_view_get_window_type (view->details->nautilus_view) == Nautilus_WINDOW_SPATIAL)
> ) then save the new setting in the metadata.
> Also, check out docs/style-guide.html in the nautilus sources. We're
> pretty picky with the spaces and what not, so doing it right the first
> time means less hassle getting patches reviewed. :)
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