Re: nautilus and automounted directories


Il Wed, 14 Jul 2004 17:14:55 +0200, Heinrich Rebehn ha scritto:

> Hi list,
> after upgrading to 2.6, i noticed that nautilus still behaves buggy when
> displaying the contents of an automounted directory. When the
> automounter times out, the window disappears. This bug has been around
> for quite a while, is there any hope for it to be resolved in the near
> future? It's quite annoying to have to open an extra xterm an cd into
> the directory just to prevent closure of the window. Or am i missing
> something?
I found this not usable think into a MEPIS (Debian) installation upgraded
to Gnome 2.4 (Sarge).
I've disabled automount and rewrote fstab to follow my slices volumes
needs...but this is not the optimal and best usable solution. So that this
seems to be a "bug" from 2.4 and not only closed to 2.6.



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