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AndyLiebman aol com wrote:

In a message dated 7/14/2004 11:22:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time, zzidre mail ru writes:

    I think the idea is that when you press 'Del' your files are not
    actually beign deleted, they're moving to trash instead and it's
    not so
    dangerous, and you're really warned when you try to delete something
    from trash permanently. There are two settings for it: whether you
    should receive warnings when you act in trash or not and if there
    be a way to bypass trash with Shift+Delete.

    Btw, there is an opinion (and I'm with it) that to press something
    'Del' is less likely than to hit 'Reset' with my leg shaking under
    the table


Thanks for the clarification -- Dimitry and all. Now I understand why, when I deleted a bunch of video files from a RAID array using Nautilus, the space on my OS drive dropped by 500 MB! The files went into the trash! That wasn't the behavior I expected. So, I can enable Shift-Delete in the preferences? And when I use Shift-Delete, will I be asked for confirmation Yes/No? It may be more likely to hit 'Reset" than to press "Del" -- but I have been in the situation a couple of times where I thought I had selected directory "A", but I had really selected directory "B" just below it. I once hit Shift-Del (this was in Windows) and I lost about 80 GB of video files in a flash. It was a bummer. I had meant to delete the directory above it. So, having a confirmation gives you a chance to see your error. By the way, is there a way to make Nautilus create a Trash on every Hard Drive -- so that when you delete something from THAT drive, it's only moved to a new location rather than copied onto the system drive? Andy Liebman

Well, the presence of confirmation is easy to see. Press Shift+Del on something really important for you.

I agree, GNOME trash is not what could be called "fine". I think also, the second part of your question is more about gnome-vfs (try waking up their mailing list?): nautilus operates on top of it as far as I know, and if we want good trash (we do!) it probably should be implemented in gnome-vfs code

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