Re: smb:// very slow

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, "Cristóvão B. B. Dalla Costa"  |nautilus| wrote:
> We've been having similar problems, specially with Windows networks
> where Nautilus sometimes fails to display anything at all. smbclient
> works just fine for us.
> I've just checked and we don't have .smb directories at all, could there
> be another configuration problem? Any other hints?
If you look in the code here:

(search for 'try_init') you can see the code.

This was the first mention of it that I could find:

(look at the end, it sais:

//FIXME create an empty ~/.smb/smb.conf


Earlier versions of the module used a private copy of samba. That way it
could set some things that cannot be set when using the libsmbclient
interface. Obviously it's a maintenance nightmare though. Anyway you might
have such an old version that does require ~/.smb/smb.conf but does not
create it for you.

Here you can see (in the code) libsmbclient loading ~/.smb/smb.conf

Martijn Vernooij

PS. I am on the list, no need for CC's

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