Re: nautilus loves to preview unfinished files

there are different modes for opening files. checking for write access could provide the flag to skip preview.
lsof does that, but requires root permissions.

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 08:30, Davyd Madeley wrote:
So, Galeon (I don't know about epiphany) marks partially downloaded
files as, and upon completion renames them to

Nautilus loves to keep repreviewing these files, and eating up all my
CPU time in the process. Nautilus also likes to repreview files that
it's copying from one server to my home.

Surely it would be better to not have nautilus preview files until they
are done? Perhaps instead just use the clock on the page icon (maybe if
people were feeling smart, do the MacOSX bar filling as it's

How would you do it though?

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