[BUG?] DND placement

Am I crazy or drag and drop files is completely broken (in HEAD checkout
just after 2.5.5)?

This is what's happening on my desktop. Note that there are NO troubles
with icons on desktop (folders, Home link, Trash). This bug affect only
nautilus windows. 

Note: due to the behavior of this bug, I'll use a spreadsheet-style
notation to denote an folder icon in a window. BTW I'm using the
sort-folders-first option, so I'll suppose that folders are first items
in window

A) Spatial windows

A.1) Icon view
        Open the "USER's Home" window. Drag a file icon from desktop or
        from another window to the HOME window bg. Drop it. The copy
        operation in cancelled.
        Try to drop it on a folder icon in HOME window. Target folder is
        'insensible' (no highlight and if I drop the file, I cancel the
        dnd operation) and moving around the pointer have no effect: I
        can't highlight any folder.
        Open another folder (for example HOME/Documents) and try to drag
        a file from desktop to the folder in A1 in Documents window.
        When I place the dragging pointer over the target folder, this
        folder is 'insensible' as above, but moving the dragging pointer
        over the folder in A2 or, better, the lower right corner of its
        label, I can drop the file in A1 !!!! Same behavior for B1~B2 or
        A2~A3 and so on. So it seems there is a x and y offset.
        Of course drop an item on a folder (not HOME) background
        move/copy/link the file in this folder.
A.2) List view
        Same behavior than icon mode. Just to drop the file in the fist
        folder of the list I have to drop in over the sixth item in
B) Navigation window

B.1) Icon view
        In navigation window there are no differences between HOME and
        other folders. But to copy/move a file in folder in A1 I have to
        point near the label folder in B3 

B.2) List view
        Similar behavior of A.2 and B.1, i.e. HOME and other folders
        follow the same (wrong) behavior and I have to point the sixth
        item in list if I want to drop in the first folder of the list.
        But there is another issue. To highlight the target I have to
        move the cursor on the right: in example if I point the last
        column or the middle one I can highlight the folder, but I can't
        if I point directly the icon or the first part of the name. I'm
        not sure but it seem a fixed (in pixel) offset to right that
        don't change if I change window size.
Is it a bug in my installation or in nautilus code?

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