Re: Feedback: Six Nautilus annoyances

Additionally, most new gtk# mono applications come as shell scripts as well
because by default the system doesn't execute mono when it sees an .exe file
(except if you go and tweak it). Plus, sometimes mono developers include env
variables and stuff on these shell scripts, from what I see lately. Also a
lot of games are using such shell scripts, so it does become a headache for
the home user too. In other words, this becomes an increasingly bigger
desire to have nautilus "understand" the folder is in regarding shell
scripts, even for home users.

You can't base your argument on "people should learn how to write proper
shell scripts", because if the terminal knows how to deal with "broken"
shell scripts (which aren't really broken as I showed in that screenshot I
linked a few days ago), so it should Nautilus. Users expect it to work,
because it works by using any terminal.


El mar, 17-02-2004 a las 13:38, Ross Burton escribió:
> On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 18:09, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:
> > > Well. You don't have to do that. Just put e.g. "cd `dirname $0`" on
> > > first line of the script.
> >
> > You see, this will fail if directories have spaces.
> cd "`dirname "$0"`"
> > This is also a non-sequitur for regular home users.
> Home users don't write sh scripts, and people who can code shell scripts
> should know a little about shell escaping and path manipulation.
> Ross

Ross, this is a good response to someone like Eugenia or me.  Not a good
response to the general public.

LimeWire installs itself as a graphical application.  Why on Earth do
you expect LimeWire users will modify the shell script to cope with a
Nautilus deficiency?  For all they care, the LimeWire icon "works on
KDE, fails on GNOME, this Linux crap is shit".

Get the point?

The correct, expected behavior from Nautilus or any file manager is that
"if I double-click an icon, the current directory is the one I had
opened in my face".  People coming from Windows and Mac OS will expect
that.  It's a reasonable expectation with nothing against it.  Breaking
that expectation is wrong.

People who want to save a file which doesn't yet exist may find good use
in CWDing to the home dir (e.g. for launching apps in the foot menu).
People who want to work with an existing file (they doubleclicked an
icon on a nautilus window) find no good use in this.

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