Re: Some thoughts about extensions and mime types

On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 06:06, Alexandre Hautequest wrote:
> Olaf Fra;czyk wrote:
> > To have secure type-file detection we need File Type Detector (FTD) on
> > local computer. It has to be run as root to be able to read all files.
> > It has to examine every file and such examination has to be really
> > reliable (much more that sniffing today). FTD has to maintain secure
> > database. In such database we need: filename (full path), mtime, ctime,
> > filetype.
> Should we wrote a patch for medusa?! It does some of the job already.

Medusa *did that*, and did it poorly.  It is now a user space
application.  When Medusa is split into separate search and metadata
apps it would be viable.  The rich content management and multi-user
plans of Storage are more in line with this feature.

For the present, I'm concerned with user-level applications.  I will not
consider a multi-user system until GNOME has a reliable metadata

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