Re: Request: closing open windows when they're deleted

On Sat, 2004-08-28 at 14:36, Artūras Šlajus wrote:
> Št, 2004-08-28 12:36, Baptiste Mille-Mathias rašė:
> > No, this is the normal behaviour.
> > to close the parent you have to make ctrl+w.
> Ok, I'm sorry. What i meant.
> Let's say you have ~/parent/folder
> You navigate to it using Nautilus in splatial mode, without closing any
> parents.
> Then you delete either ~/parent or ~/parent/folder
> Shouldn't Nautilus close window which points to folder which even
> doesn't exist? What will happen if i'll try to write to this folder?
> Copy something from it?

Sure, and nautilus tries to do this. It works for me when i try, but its
not always easy to do this if you have strange symlinks etc.

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