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The freedesktop shared mime database (from CVS) supports a sub-class-of
tag which can be used to do exactly that as far as I understood:
 sub-class-of elements indicate that any data of this
type is also some other type, given by the type


> This highlights one of my major problems with the current MIME database
> (something that I'll get around to discussing on that list one of these
> days): many documents can/should have multiple MIME types.  These MIME
> types are frequently hierarchical in nature, e.g. an SVG image has the
> registered "most specific" MIME type of image/svg+xml, however
> application/xml and arguably text/xml both also apply.  RFC 3023
> addresses this specific issue by using the magic '+xml' suffix and
> declares that XML is the first 'generic format' that requires this
> special treatment.  That is absolutely incorrect.  I can think of one
> other format that is used in a similar fashion: zip.  At the moment Java
> archives ('.jar') and documents ('.sxi', etc.) are both
> zip files with a prescribed structure.  Should their MIME types be
> application/x-oowriter+zip? More (potentially) controversial are
> applications like AbiWord that support gzipped file formats (.abw or
> .abwz files).  Is one file format application/x-abiword+xml and the
> other application/x-abiword+gz? AbiWord is capable of opening both, but
> it isn't capable of opening a generic gzip.
> Currently, the 'sniffed' MIME type is the definitive one and is also
> likely to be the incorrect one.  Sniffing a .abwz file tells us it's a
> gzip, just like a .tar.gz, however AbiWord cannot open tarballs and File
> Roller has no idea what to do with an AbiWord document (well, it can
> decompress it, but that's not likely what you wanted to do with it).
> My first reaction to your post was to say that the use of 'application/'
> was misplaced, however, doing a little research seems to indicate that
> it is indeed correct, but at the same time, very broken.  All of a
> sudden the text editor I've registered to handle text/* must be
> associated with every single programming language I use because the
> scripts are considered 'applications' rather than 'text'.  That's absurd
> and yet, apparently, correct.
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