Re: binary crash from nautilus 2.6.1


On Mit, 2004-04-21 at 19:25, Frank Lynch wrote:
> I just installed nautilus 2.6.1, and I get a binary crash when I start
> it in browser mode (by simply typing 'nautilus --browser' at in a
> terminal). The backtrace is below. 
> Is this a known issue, or should I go and log a bug for this?
> thanks,
> --Frank
> Backtrace was generated from '/usr/bin/nautilus'
> #4  0x41a21988 in _init () from /usr/lib/bonobo/

Make sure that you have removed all parts of nautilus 2.4. The above
file doesn't exist anymore in nautilus 2.6. If you didn't remove
nautilus 2.4 before installing nautilus 2.6, deleting
/usr/lib/bonobo/{libnautilus-tree-view.{la,so},servers/Nautilus_View_tree.server} should suffice.


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