Backgrounds and Emblems as Places


Backgrounds and Emblems can be dragged (with effect) to 
the Desktop/Desktop-Icons. Backgrounds also work on 
applications (well at least for the terminal, for 
gedit it results in insertion of the # for the colour).

Having it under 'Edit' is not a good solution, because 
everything under edit works directly on files, with the 
exception of Preferences.
Edit -> Preferences makes sense. But you don't open 
'Backgrounds and Emblems' for editing them (at least 
it's not primary), it's mor about opening the dialog to 
assign Backgrounds/Emblems to Files/Folders.
And the dialog is a separate tool, having nothing to do 
with selection in nautilus.

Because all of this, I would like to propose to break 
the dialog apart into Folders/Places.
Standard file operations would work directly. One might 
see a problem here for the standard set of Backgrounds 
which can't be edited/deleted. But is this restriction 
realy necessary?
And the 'Remove a Colour' would be no longer needed. It's 
very ugly because it goes against Selection->Action, it 
introduces a mode and is a special case for a basic 
operation. It bypasses the Wastebasket.

Patterns and Colors could be 2 filetypes inside one 

Oh, and the back to default arrow should be a link the 
default, providing a preview of what this default is.

Thorsten Wilms

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