spatial nautilus & tree-view...

i have installed the new gnome&nautilus 2.6 from mdk-cooker today.
congratulations! i really like the spatial idea, the simpliciy and the
improvements in speed. it's also good that you move away from cramping
everything into a single application. (i believe that people have
modular idea of "items" in the computer, which is different applications
do different things).

i was wondering how the tree-view could work with the new spatial
scheme. perhaps as a separate window or a gnome-applet, which slides up
from the panel (drawing attached). clicking on a folder in the tree-view
could open up the spatial view of the folder - a second click could
close it again.

other points:

* the bookmarks of the new gtk-file-chooser should be in sync with the
nautilus bookmarks (where are they in spatial mode? - shouldnt they show
up in the "computer" window?).

* the "search for files" should show up in the right-click-menu of

* right click/create document only works in icon-view. in list view
there is sometimes is no place to click and get the right context-menu.

* same problem with paste files.

* when copying/moving a file via drag&drop: a little pane with "Copy
here", "Move here", "Create link", "cancel" areas in the target window
would be nice for novice users (which dont know about holding keys of
middle mouse buttons).

* umounting: browsing to a mounted folder via computer/filesystem still
blocks the mountpoint from unmounting (i really hate those "device is
busy" messages - instead of "device is busy" i'd like to know which
application is blocking a mount-point - i think this is a general unix
problem which has to be solved at a lower level (kernel or glib?) -
maybe applications which consume a filesystem resource should receive a
"someone wants to umount" callback to be able to react properly). 


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