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On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 21:50 -0600, Ryan McDougall wrote:

> > Opened bug report #139105
> > (
> > 
> > Only thing left is it add the actual GConf-ness.
> > 
> > --d
> I'm pretty sure someone will object to you placing "recent entries"
> there since its only for preferences, and no more. 

There is lots of that stuff in gconf though. Perhaps not for nautilus,
but definitely for other applications. It was suggested to use the
'recent' stuff out of libegg (is that where it is now?) though.

> Also, let me be the first to ask why a "recent servers" widget is
> needed: Wouldn't it be simpler to create a desktop shortcut if you use
> the server often? If the purpose is to accelerate infrequently used
> servers shouldn't we instead use type-ahead completion like the
> Locations dialogue? Or should we put a recent history widget in both
> places? If so, how is it effectively different from desktop shortcut?

I like to keep my desktop clean (there is one icon), and from as task
orientated point of view, it makes sense for my recent and/or favourite
servers to be shown in the dialog where I connect to the servers. I had
also considered the addition of type-ahead completion and am still
toying with the idea.

The dialog definitely needs some work. We need to at least have the
feature set offered by the MacOS dialog
(, although I
think we can do without their layout. The Network:// view should also
offer "Connect to.." as a context item (this will become more powerful
when the Network:// view offers things like servers discovered by SDP
(rendezvous) and so on.


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