[PATCH] improvement for nautilus desktop

(this is a retry, I think the original got stuck in the moderator queue).

Opened bug #138930 (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=138930) to
add a gconf key for Nautilus making it possible to hide mounted volumes
from the desktop.

I think this is a relevant feature for Nautilus, especially for those of
us who like really empty desktops. Also, it goes hand in hand with the
keys to hide Home, Computer and Trash.

There are still a few bugs in the patch (two I've found). Both of these
seem to be NULL-reference glitches. However I'm posting the patch now
because maybe someone else can track them down faster.

Patch is available from bugzilla or

A screenshot showing what I'm trying to achieve is


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